Z-Com XG-580 Specs

Z-Com XG-580

Below you can see a detailed specification of Z-Com XG-580. An IP Address will give you a digit combination, which you need to input to a web browser address field to enter Z-Com XG-580 configuration panel. IP Username will show you default username which you need to type when you want to log in to web menu. IP Password is a password created by Z-Com, it should be changed as fast as possible, because it can be used to hack your home WiFi network. SSID Address is a default name of Z-Com XG-580 Wi-Fi network, which will appear when you configure XG-580 router for the first time, or after a factory reset. SSID Password is default Wi-Fi password, use it to access Z-Com XG-580 Wi-Fi for the first time.

Tutorials Z-Com XG-580 default IP address
Z-Com XG-580 default login and password
Brand / Manufacturer Z-Com
Model Name XG-580
RAM Capacity 8 MiB
WiFi Standard 54mbps (bg)
WiFi bands 2.4GHz
Ethernet Ports 1 x 100mbps port
IP Address
Router Default Username (blank)
Router Default Password default
Subnet Mask
DNS Server IP Address
Manual Link PDF Icon A-36.pdf