USRobotics USR8200 Specs

USRobotics USR8200

Here you can find information about USRobotics USR8200. IP Address is a unique combination of four blocks of values ranging from 0 to 255. It is used to identify a device in the network and it can also be used to access a device identified by it. By typing the IP address of your router, you can gain access to your USRobotics USR8200 configuration. You can log in by using the Router Default Username listed below, which is the name of the administrator account assigned to your router by the manufacturer. Similarly, you can find the default password under Router Default Password. Note that this password should be changed after the first configuration. SSID Address is a name that other users will see while looking for the Wi-Fi in the range of USRobotics USR8200 router. SSID Password is a default password to your Wi-Fi network. It should also be changed in the first configuration.

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Brand / Manufacturer USRobotics
Model Name USR8200
CPU Frequency 266 MHz
RAM Capacity 64 MiB
Custom firmwares dd-wrt, OpenWrt
Flash Memory Capacity 32 MiB
WAN Ports 1 x 100mbps port
Ethernet Ports 4 x 100mbps ports
IP Address
Default WiFi Network Name (SSID address) On a sticker on the router’s case
Default WiFi Password On a sticker on the router’s case
Subnet Mask
DNS Server IP Address