Sylvania SP5775 Specs

Sylvania SP5775

Below you can see a detailed specification of Sylvania SP5775. An IP Address will give you a digit combination, which you need to input to a web browser address field to enter Sylvania SP5775 configuration panel. IP Username will show you default username which you need to type when you want to log in to web menu. IP Password is a password created by Sylvania, it should be changed as fast as possible, because it can be used to hack your home WiFi network. SSID Address is a default name of Sylvania SP5775 Wi-Fi network, which will appear when you configure SP5775 router for the first time, or after a factory reset. SSID Password is default Wi-Fi password, use it to access Sylvania SP5775 Wi-Fi for the first time.

Brand / Manufacturer Sylvania
Model Name SP5775