Linksys WRH54G default router login and password

Default login for Linksys WRH54G:

User name: (blank)

Password: admin

Here are the steps you need to take in order to enter Linksys WRH54G router configuration page. If you encounter any problems with a username or password, you should perform a factory reset on your Linksys WRH54G router.

Linksys WRH54G
  1. Connect your device (mobile phone, PC, laptop) to the Linksys WRH54G router.
  2. Go to your web browser such as Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.
  3. In the www field type
  4. Similarly as in the image above, type (blank) in the root field.
  5. Similarly as in the image above, type admin in the admin field.
  6. Press "Sign in" or click Enter on your keyboard.
Admin login info (user and password) for Linksys WRH54G